Lazer Knights

Episode 1

In the first episode of Lazer Knights we find our heroes captured among the inhabitants of a remote desert planet by Minotyrant and his minions. Minotyrant is informed that he’s needed elsewhere by Morgana, and leaves the planet under the watch of Valkyrie and Warhog.

The heroes, still strangers to each other, band together and escape from the droids guarding them, seeking refuge in a cave in the mountains. There they discover a secret chamber, where Nimue appears to them in the reflection of a subterranean lake. She addresses them as Lazer Knights and pleads for them to help her and find Myrddin living beyond the mountain.

They find an old hermit in a hut across the plains beyond the mountains, but they have been spotted on their way there. Before they can convince the old man they are the Lazer Knights, they are attacked by droids led by Valkyrie and Warhog. The old man leads them into an underground passage, leading to a large room with a round table. There they receive their lazer weapons and ready themselves for battle.

After beating the droids and forcing the villains to flee, the Camelot rises from beneath the sand, and appearing as a holographic projection, Myrddin declares that they are indeed the Lazer Knights!


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